What services do you offer?

We provide placements on Spotify playlists. Placements are a great way to get musical exposure (more listeners, more fans/followers, more shares, etc!).

What types of placement are there?

Currently we’re offering Random Placement (meaning you’ll end up on a random spot between the first and the last position on the playlist), Top 10, Top 5 and 1st Place.

Could my song fall out of the agreed placement?

No, the agreed (or better) placement will be honored for all the duration of your order. This is why some spots may temporarily be unavailable.

If you notice your track is not placed correctly according to your order, please let us know as soon as possible at info@playlist-placements.com and we’ll fix it promptly along with a compensation for the inconvenience.

Can I choose any playlist I see on your website?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Look carefully for the playlist genres listed on the product page – we have many generic playlists, but some of them are precisely targeted to one or two genres. Most of the times you will be able to understand it from their name/artwork too.

What are your prices?

You can look at prices on each product page. They vary based on length of placement, type of placement (see above) and popularity of the playlist.

How can I pay?

Right now the main gateways are: Paypal, Credit Card (through Stripe) and Apple Pay.
If you wish to pay through Cash App or Bitcoin please let us know at info@playlist-placements.com and we’ll provide all the info needed to proceed.

How will you know wich song I want to be placed?

There’s a big yellow field for that on the product page.
You can either insert a “link” (allows for a much faster add) or Artist Name – Song Name.

In case we don’t get a valid input from you, we will contact you and we’ll ask you for more details.
If your song hasn’t been released yet and you want to pre-order your placement, please specify it in that field; the campaign will start from the day of the add.

Is the placement instant?

While we do our best to be as quick as possible, placements are not instant, as each order needs to be reviewed manually.

The normal processing time is around 1-2 hours. Please contact us if your order was correctly submitted and not processed within 8 hours.

Keep in mind that specifying the correct Track Link allows a much faster processing.

Where do listeners come from?

We mainly market our playlists in the USA through social media and local advertising, however having a large organic fanbase too (people who found our playlist randomly), part of the listeners also come from other large countries.

Can I contact you if I have a question?

We are available at info@playlist-placements.com.